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Partners in Growth

Pruett Growth Partners helps accounting firms grow revenue by leveraging technology solutions from proven partners in cyber security, bench marking, analytics, and managed IT. We work with you to put you at the winning edge of technology services, client security, talent and value as a client advisor. 


  • Scope out a need and introduce a technology partner to meet that need

  • Increase talent and expertise without the investment and retention risk

  • Expand capabilities with strategic partners that differentiate your firm

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Technology Resources : About

Advanced Client  Services

Pruett Growth Partners allows your firm to access, scale and promote expanded technology services and talent by working collaboratively with world class partners. Your current technology resources will be less strained, and clients will be delighted to receive the additional services they need and want from their most trusted advisor. 

Acces a full suite of services and talent to bring to clients and help clients build a robust IT management infrastructure.

  • 365 Accelerator gives clients an actionable 3 phase plan to fully leverage M365, create more security, and generate cost savings.

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning sets clients up to ship devices straight to users, with auto-configuration occurring over the air on initial sign in.

  • Passwordless Authentication delivers biometric authentication to Windows laptops and applications.

  • Custom built mobile applications allow you to bring greater security and increased ease of use for employees

  • Modern Management is an IT operating model for companies who have a mobile workforce using Microsoft 365.  It is a radically different service model and frees up IT teams to be more proactive!

Client Strategy Planning and Accounting Services

Helping business owners (your clients) plan for their future is one of the most important roles of an advisor. Performing at the highest level in this role requires that you have the best tools to support your work.

  • Work with clients using real time industry benchmark and forecasting reports. Graphically provide a clear picture of performance and where change can have the greatest impact.

  • Proactively get back in front of clients and use a client planning program to monitor and report on how they are performing against their industry peers.

  • Receive data from public and private companies as well as publicly available sources (e.g. IRS, Census Bureau, etc.). Our reports never contain data for fewer than 20 companies.

  • Consult on data analytics for revenue growth, compliance and optimization, sales and trade promotion, services and supply chain, and business transformations through analytics.

Protect and Defend Clients with Information Security Services

Today, businesses are at great risk of having their operations disrupted or held at ransom by cyber criminals.  Being an advisor that is making sure this does not happen and that client information and technology remains safe is one of the most valuable services you can provide. 

  • Proactive cyber operations that include penetration testing, IoT testing, and vulnerability testing

  • Network defense services such as threat hunting, defensive security, and fraud detection

  • Incident response with defense response strategy, digital forensics, and tabletop exercises

  • Compliance assessment and remediation (PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST) and M&A security advisory

  • Open source intelligence for litigation support, deep web monitoring, and digital forensics

  • ISO 27001-27002 and NIST-CS standards

  • Rampart MDR… A Complete Managed Security Solution

Reduce Risk & Deliver Peace of Mind

Cyber Crime is estimated to cost $6 Trillion globally. If this was an economy it would be the 3rd largest in the world behind the US and China!

Securing clients' data and information while providing necessary analysis is growing in complexity. What worked in years past is now obsolete and clients are counting on your firm to protect them and deliver more value. 

The risk is too great to not have the best solutions and people behind you.

Contact Patrick now 615 390 6564 or

Technology Resources : Features

Separate from the Competition

  • Access a diverse team of hundreds of highly talented technology & cyber professionals

  • Expand services that clients need

  • Win more business

  • Differentiate your brand & compete at the highest levels

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