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Pruett Growth Partners

Pruett Growth Partners introduces proven technology partners and their advanced solutions in cyber security, bench marking, client analytics, and managed IT.  

Pruett Growth Partners networks through personal, professional relationships to identify cases when people and their businesses complement each other and can work together to grow business together.


Pruett Growth Partners engages a deep network of relationships and fifteen years of experiences helping firms grow. Technology services have been at the forefront of new growth services offered by accounting firms. Client analytics and information security are of highest importance and offer a path to more advisory services and greater client safety. 


Pruett Growth Partners helps firms keep pace with changing technology and the talent required to conduct business in a secure environment while generating profits.  Partnering with premier technology and cyber security providers, PGP delivers advanced services, decreased expenses, and increased efficiencies. 


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Bringing Solutions to Challenges

Challenge: Risk of client data and information loss or ransom situation due to cyber crime?

Access leading cyber security firms to offer advanced cyber security services that expand existing offerings and significantly reduce risk when it comes to cyber fraud.

Challenge: Difficulty finding and retaining talent with technology skills  needed to address a growing range of needs.

Solution: Tap into a select group of technology partners with established infrastructure, deep talent pools, and the right expertise to grow the firm's technology practice and deliver the best service to clients.

Challenge: Cost of maintaining the expertise and systems required to deliver technology services in rapidly changing environments.

Develop relationships with quality partners who have already invested in the services, systems, and talent required to succeed. Partnering with the right provider can help you reduce cost and risk while delivering the maximum value and security for clients.

Challenge: Keeping up with competitors that deliver technology services.

Solution: Increase the capabilities of your firm, open new revenue opportunities, and provide advanced services to your clients.

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Pruett Growth Partners

Your Partners in Growth

Patrick is a former Partner with The Rainmaker Companies and spent 15 years working in the accounting industry where he  established relationships with accounting firms around the world. He facilitates connections for them to elite technology and cyber security firms that enable the firm to better compete and grow their technology practice area. Patrick has a long history of driving growth in business through talent and also assists technology, accounting, and financial investment firms to identify the right people and partners for their practice.


Patrick has led communities of professionals and advisers in automotive, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, real estate-construction and other specialties. 

"I believe that at the intersection of people and perspectives is where innovation lies. I enjoy bringing relationships together that remove status quo to innovate and find new ways to be successful." 


Patrick has lived and worked in New Zealand where he was involved in multiple startup operations, including the formation of an international airline. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and holds an MBA from Massey University in New Zealand. He enjoys connecting to the world through travel.

People + Perspectives = Innovation and Growth

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Pruett Growth Partners brings people together to create partnerships for their business. We believe that partners with unique expertise and perspectives, working toward common goals, can drive more powerful innovation and longer lasting growth than when trying to do it on their own.

Decades of work have been spent understanding needs and matching resources, building relationships and establishing partnerships among professional firms. 

We help your firm partner with elite technology companies that can help identify new and complimentary services and win more business.

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  • Access depth and expertise other firms don't have

  • Reduce expenses and risk

  • Win more business

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